Adamowicz Adamski. Photographer. Lover. Geek. Chef. 

Hi my name is Adam and I'm not like every other photographer, I did not get my camera when I was a little kid and I wasn't the yearbook photographer... I didn't get a degree in photography and I did not grow up with a photographer that influenced my style or encouraged me to pursue this career... I just do what I love & love what I do...I take photos.


I am a wedding and a portrait photographer, my work is to capture a moment, and i do it the best i can. My style is specific for a wedding,  its a reportage/documentary way of capturing your personality and creating a lasting memory to keep forever , I love to tell a story through the images.

Find out more about the way I shoot, how do I approach wedding photography and what kind of gear I am using, lets meet for a coffee and just talk about your day.

+44 07809758856

Adamowicz Adamski